MenzShed Otaki

Officially opened on Tuesday 17th June 2015, MenzShed Otaki are now set up on Facebook, link here and this has all the historic and current news with photos so use the link to keep up to date

The address is the Otaki Women’s Health Centre [the Old Otaki Hospital] 186 Mill Road ( opposite Domain Road ) – Their sign is on the driveway –   see location

If you are interested in becoming a member or can provide any support please contact:

Valdis Plato
Phone 06 3645636
5 Kapiti Lane
Otaki Beach 5512


MENZSHED New Zealand

MENZSHED New Zealand, to which MenzShed Kapiti is affiliated, is the body that represents and supports Sheds nationwide.

This organisation aims to:

  • Bring Sheds together to enable them to establish relationships and collaborate where appropriate
  • Promote the concept to communities without Sheds, and support groups as they go through the establishment phase (and this includes linking new groups with nearby established Sheds.)
  • Establish relationships with sponsors nationally. This function is also carried out at a local level by the Shed themselves
  • Encourage Sheds to act autonomously
  • Encourage Sheds to make their own decisions and rules – however, we remain available to offer advice on this if asked
  • Operate at minimal cost to Sheds. The only cost incurred by Sheds is the $25.00 annual membership fee
  • Organise national conferences, which are currently on a one-year cycle
  • Allow Sheds to drive the organisation rather than the organisation driving the Sheds
  • Provide a national web site for MenzShed in New Zealand

For details go to the MenzShed New Zealand web site

To find where there is a MenzShed in New Zealand then look at the list on the MenzShed NZ web site

For full details about the National organisation Menzshed New Zealand you can review the Constitution of MenzShed NZ



To see the extent of the Menshed Australia, the basis of the New Zealand movement, then go to their web site web site This is a massive organisation supported by their Government so it has all the bells and whistles attached!