For Sale Items

See below for sale items
Rodent Traps $35
Bird Feeders $45, $60  &  $70 – see photo/description
Weta Motels $20
Second hand weather boards $3/m


These can bee paid by direct crediting to-

MenzShed Kapiti  Kiwi Bank 38 9010 0354831 02


Rodent Traps $35


Trap open with part slider/trap exposed
  • Combined Snap-E rat & mice traps on slider in tunnel –

Bird Feeders 

Small Painted Ply. $45           Large Painted Ply. $60                Rustic Pine. $70
– These have large tray for fruit, nut feeding
Kwilla.                                $70
Circular Painted Pine. $70.
All are complete with  bottle and dish

Secondhand Weather Boards $3/m

Visit our site and see the variety of second-hand weatherboards of various profiles in Cedar, Rimu and Pine – $3 per metre -suitable for repair work or small additions where matching existing profile is required.

Weta motels $20


Weta motels – $20