Group Activities

Childspace Early Childhood Institute

Our MenzShed was involved in a special teacher-only day with 8 teams from the Wellington staff of Childspace Early Childhood Institute who completed activities around the Waikanae Beach area.

The stop at the MenzShed involved the teams having 25 minutes to assemble a children’s BBQ table or planter box. MenzShed Kapiti had kit-sets ready for the teams to assemble, and provided advice and supervision as required.

It was a real team effort with some guidance and instructions by MenzShed members
Some had the skills, others watched
The end result looks just great and the team look proud of their achievements










Somebody has an artistic flair
Just the right size for the kids









 The Amazing Race 

Another team activity event at our shed was involvement in the Waikanae Kindergarten fund raising competition, The amazing Race, which had 27 teams having to complete a variety of challenges. Our event consisted of following instructions to assemble prefabricated stoat traps which were then passed on to DOC.

We are ready
The pink team gets help
The green team boxes on
Every body was involved.








A colourful busy site
Later DOC were happy to collect traps







Children’s holiday programme

One activity in a children’s holiday program had the children assembling and putting the finishing touches on timber stilts prefabricated by our members.

An enjoyable exercise with some children having their first go at carpentry skills.

Full Instructions and guidance was provided by MenzShed members
There’s always somebody who will perform for the cameraman
It takes a bit of practise to be able to stand up on these.