Our Shed

Where it all started

We were fortunate in KCDC granting us leased accommodation to start our shed in their depot site in Waikanae and have been able to expand as the photos show:

We started in the little shed in the corner

"Our" shed

It’s changed a bit since this


See the full details of our initial shed >




The 3-Bay Shed

We were able to move into and modify the adjacent 3 bay concrete shed when KCDC vacated the site


The end result is pretty flash

We converted a 3-bay shed and the added a verandah and concrete slab to increase our working area and you can see the end result>




The latest Extension

Next we took the opportunity to develop more space by relocating a tractor shed that was to be demolished.

The building we dismantled

The building we dismantled

Relocated, new doors and a veranda …..


We are underway with our extension and you will see its coming along fine >



 Inside our shed

We are continuing to develop unique requirements for the shed to meet our needs


Our donated trailer advertising spreads the word


There are numerous examples of items and you can see what we have developed>



Shed Happenings

We are con