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Take the opportunity to read past news articles and news letters of our exploits.

News Articles & News letters 2020

April 2020 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Feb 2020 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Jan 2020 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

News Articles & News letters 2019

Dec 2019 Final MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Nov 2019 MenzShed kapiti Newsletter

Oct 2019 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Aug 2019 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

News Articles & News letters 2018

Sept 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Aug 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

July 18 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

New Zealand MenzShed July 2018 Newsletter

Whareroa Guardians Caravan installation Supplement Jun 2018

Whareroa Guardians Caravan installation invite

June 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

May 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Supplement – Seed Tumbler Review

May 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Supplement – Marine Hut Review

May 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

ANZA Crosse Supplement April 2018  

April 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

March 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter  

February 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

January 2018 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

News Articles & News letters 2017

December 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

November 2017 Fireworks Outing MenzShed Kapiti

November 2017 MenzShed Kapiti NewsLetter

October 2017 MenzShed Kapiti News leter

September 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

August 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

July 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter 

June 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

May 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter 

April 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

March 2017 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter


News Articles & News letters 2016

Dec 2016 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Nov 2016 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Toolbox we sent to Chabai

October 2016 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

September 2016 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Monitoring of our Kaka nests when being occupied

Details of the toolboxes we sent to the Pacific Islands

August 2016 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter

Proposed Site Development Drawing August 2016

Special Article on Menzshed Kapiti Resources and Storage

Article A Remarkable Shed – A summary of MenzShed Kapiti since inception

July 2016 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter – Life in the Shed

June 2016 MenzShed Newsletter – catchup of activities

News Articles & News letters 2015

2015 MenzShed Kapiti Newsletter October – news updater

Charity Commission Return 2015 Annual Summary

2015 MENZSHED NZ Newsletter September

News Articles & News letters 2014

2014 MENZSHED NZ newsletter October A roundup of national shed activities

2014 Menzshed Kapiti Newsletter  Sep In this edition, an extensive range of projects are identified

2014 Special Newsletter Aug Organising nuts, bolts & screws at our shed

Kapiti Observer – Article on MenzShed National Conference Kapiti

Kapiti News Report – Article on MenzShed National Conference Kapiti

2014 Newsletter 2 May A summary of National MENZSHED event at Kapiti

MENZSHED NZ Newsletter April 2014 A summary of their NZ AGM/Conference events

2014 Newsletter 1 Jan Details of the xmas lights display plus projects on the go


News Articles & News letters 2013

2013 Newsletter 7 Dec Tractor shed demolition/ Childspace team building event

2013 Newsletter 6 Oct – Fence building project to raise funds / Health Centre seat installed

2013 Newsletter 5 Sept – A review of projects

2013 Special notice July – This identified significant dates linked to July

2013 Newsletter 4 July – Special visitors and other items

2013 Newsletter 3 May – New building fit out

2013 Newsletter 2 Mar – Report on National MenzShed Conference Nelson /Barbecue /project update

2013 Newsletter 1 Jan– Announcing a starting data

News Articles & News Letters 2012

2012 Christmas Lights – Xmas lights 2012 – Christmas lights display photos

2012 Newsletter Dec Special – Bubbles our pin up girl [dog] has a special hairdo

2012 Newsletter 6 Nov – AGM outcome / tool storage racks / child cancer dolls house – chair special

2012 Newsletter 5 Sept  – AGM requirements/we get an award/bike ramp special

2012 Newsletter 4 Aug – Barbecue / catchup on projects being completed

2012 Newsletter 3 July – Our first toilet / Tool donations / Report on National MenzShed conference Wgtn

2012 Newsletter 2 March – Visit to Masterton Henley MenzShed / Waikanae sports day / workshop clean out

2012 Newsletter 1 Jan – Announcement of this years start time