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Site Development

MenzShed Kapiti is continuing with our onsite development and the new workshop area construction is nearing completion. This links our new toilet, office, meeting room and kitchen facilities with the existing workshop as noted in the drawings below. We continue to invite Kapiti coast residents and businesses to become part of our fundraising to complete this latest site facilities development.

Contributions can be made by

  • direct crediting to our Building Fund -MenzShed Kapiti  Kiwi Bank 38 9010 0354831 02

MenzShed Kapiti is a Registered Charitable Entity, so all donations of $5 or more qualify for a Tax receipt which can be filed as a Tax Credit Claim with IRD.



We have come a long way since our early beginnings many years ago with just the old garage (Shed B). After it was cleaned out and filled with machines, tools and materials – there was not enough room for the 10 or 12 blokes who came along so morning tea and work activities were an outside affair (sound familiar??). A yellow toilet was installed after we found an old waste pipe on the concrete slab.  We then got access to the lean-to between the buildings (Shed C) which became Ross’s den and filled with all sorts of “good” materials but not much seems to come out.

Then we got access to the 3 Bay Shed  (D, E, & F). Again after a clean out (water blast top, bottom and sides and a paint) looked great – open space and kitchen sink and cupboards. More tools, equipment and materials and still morning tea outside – thank goodness for the veranda we built for the National Conference in 2014.

Then later in 2014 we built the next 3 bay shed (G, H & I) and more veranda space. Another clean open space until more machines, tools, benches and materials filled that space.  Morning teas, briefings, and work activities still outside out under the veranda.

 In 2018 with 35 to 50 blokes coming to the Shed, we were bursting at the seams and needed to move ahead with building our new facilities comprising –

  • 130m2of kitchen, toilets, office, and decent meeting area to provide ourselves with a bit more comfort 
  • 170m2of new workshop space to provide a safer and more comfortable work environment.

We have now almost completed this development and the final completion certificate  is not too far away.



The numbers keep growing and growing and growing…………











Landscaping our site

Part of our Resource Consent for our site development includes landscaping and what started with a vegetable patch is now extended to developing the upper part of our site and car park.

First there was a big cleanup
The vegetable garden was the first priority
It’s great when we get support for the big stuff.


Goodmans’ Contractors continue their support of MenzShed by helping with some earthworks of the back bank.

2017 and its all go!

Our starting date for 2017 was Tuesday 10th January, but there was some activity around the site prior to this date. The excuses were various but we believe some members were just seeking an escape from their visitors or relatives but we will never know because “what happens at at Menzshed stays at Menzshed” 

Lots of members. lots of projects, lots of activities and its only the first week.


The list of projects has not got any smaller and some have early deadlines means we are going to have to be on the ball. However the enthusiasm already shown this year means we are heading into a another successful year so watch this space. 



At the 2016 AGM there was a unanimous vote for the election of a new life member, Ross Collins.

dscn1737Ross has been a member Of Kapiti MenzShed since inception having previously travelled from Paraparaumu to the Wellington Menzshed, starting in 2008. While he unde-rights his skills he is constantly on the go helping the firewood gang and those trying to keep the place tidy as well as off-loading the latest trailer load of free materials. He has been a major contributor in making shelves and things more accessible in our “wood shed” and is continuing to try and store more timber under cover although can’t always remember where those special pieces are now located.

Ross says he enjoys the fellowship and camaraderie at the shed and tends to be waiting at the gate at 8am even when it is not a MenzShed day.

He has been adopted as our Father Xmas mascot and has made a lot of children happy in this role. We have not yet been able to convince any youngsters who visit our site that this is where father xmas spends his time, out of season.

Sharing the weekly gossip
Inspecting the work
A rest after some painting
A welcome to the xmas display
Practising his ho ho ho
Visiting a MenzShed colleague


An enthusiastic music group started up by Andrew have been meeting on Friday morning at the shed and enjoying some up-skilling of guitar and banjo skills as well as having some rousing sing-alongs. The weather wasn’t always kind to this group but they have continued to meet regularly.


Getting the instruments tuned was the starting point
Still inside because of the cold weather but look at that concentration!









News quickly got around about this group so at the MenzShed barbecue in August they were asked to play. The weather wasn’t the best so it was all indoors and the group got lots of applause and enjoyed the sing along. Maybe we could hire them out as another fund raiser!

The Stage View
The Stage View
Happy Tunes
Happy Tunes
The Warm Huddle
The Warm Huddle
One of Charlie's other talents
One of Charlie’s other talents








New members are welcome so just turn up if you are interested and they are giving lessons to novices.