Construction on our site

Construction of amenities block underway

Our next on-site construction exercise

To start our amenities block building we needed the existing concrete slab removed. Goodmans came to our rescue and removed the slab and left a nice level site, all for free.



nder construction.

Shed progress

As the shed progressed a most generous offer by JD Edser and his team at Hurricane Roofing to fix for free the roofing to our new shed.

For your roofing requirements contact them at  – 
Hurricane Roofing
JD Edser (Director) 
027 5942088,   

The finished roof – what great support we have from our local businesses


The New garage on site – see the progress

Part of our resource consent and building consent includes a two-car garage beside our entrance way on the boundary where there was a concrete slab vehicle wash down area. Incorporating this in our new foundations required some concrete cutting and trimming back and as soon as this was completed out came the sledge-hammers to break up the excess concrete that was then taken away. The photos identify the actions been carried out!


Peter B showed how it was done and makes it look easy


Peter B, this time as supervisor, watching John doing the swinging


Health & Safety requires the site area to be well identified

The concrete truck arrives and its all go for the team

The guys built the frames and then stood them up


Roof on and wall sheathing next

American Hut completed and installed

2017 saw renewed activity and then completion of the American Hut which was officially installed at the annual Memorial Day Service of the Kapiti U.S.Marines Trust in Queen Elizabeth Park on Monday May 29. The service commemorates the 75th Anniversary of U.S.Armed Forces encampment in New Zealand from 1942-44

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Getting the flooring panels lined up and starting the frames was and exacting task 

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We Had Some Special Visitors in 2016

How could we refuse a request for a visit from a local pre-school group to see how we were progressing with the American Huts refurbishment project. It appears the children had been studying the American Huts at MacKays crossing and heard about our involvement. The result was very successful as can be seen by the photos and it looks like the guys were having as much fun as the youngsters.


A brief explanation


The shaped frames


Question time


Some war relics


One size fits all


More questions


More fun projects


More fun times


Have we lost anyone?





Kaka Nesting boxes – 2016 version

The success of our 2015 venture into producing Kaka nesting boxes and the achievements in the breading program resulted in a another flurry of activity at the shed in the preparation of boxes for the start of the 2016 September Kaka breeding season.

The destructive pecking of the inside liner of their nests results in an annual removal and replacement  of this lining, which we had promised to carryout.  Some lateral thinking and the resultant design of a removable inner sleeve will now mean the main trunk can now remain fixed in position on the tree with the liner only removed annually for maintenance.  The liner unit is held in place and removed with a twist removal action like a light bulb. This liner can also be part lowered to allow inspection and tagging of any chicks during breeding. The photos capture some of the activities during this time when we stripped the linings from the 6 nest made last year, and built and fitted our newly designed  sleeve liners. At the same time 6 new trunks and liners were built and painted and all have been delivered and are now being installed in time for the breeding season.

Last years production




Cutting the pipe to length


Pipes and lining ready


Painted awaiting roofs


Tops ready for fitting


Painting the camouflage

 The 2016 version with major changes

Liners Prepared

The new removable liners

Liner Assembling1

Design changes during development

Ian On Kaka Project

Ian’s dedication

Liner Assembling2

Getting the liner exactly right

Predator Roof

Predator proof roof was essential

Happy Team

A line up of most of the team


Am I really allowed to splash all these colours on this?


The latest model being hoisted for fixing