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The timber work and jointing presents an impressive unit
The timber work and jointing presents an impressive unit

Waiting for the paint to dry

First to have a ride






All Aboard






End of Year Roundup

With so many projects on the go its hard to keep track of them all so here are some of those that were completed before xmas


John P bought these relics back to life 




 The athletic club has a new long jump launching pad.


They came, battered and broken and after a lot of tender loving care came back to life complete with logos and a pristine paint finish – a lot of our members wanted to test drive them. Its a pity we didn’t take a before photo . The exercise involved lots of metal work and welding, plastic moulding, wood-turning, spray painting and of course adaption of sundry parts – a work of art so well done Terry, Ray and John. The recipient has been supplying us with surplus nuts, bolts, and washers of all shapes and sizes so we believe both parties have benefitted by the exchange. 

What a line up!

A happy client

Members Projects

While there are always request for community projects, members are constantly encouraged to bring along their own projects and, for once, John started and completed one of his own ideas.

An interesting shape but what is he going to use it for?



As could be expected this was never going to be a straight forward simple project but one that kept those observing from a distance guessing what it was all about.



Nice, but will it always be as tidy as this? We doubt it!



Puzzle solved  –  it’s a shoe rack






Ambulance Model

We were asked if we could make a model for the proposed new building in Paraparaumu for the Wellington Free Ambulance

James wondering did he really volunteer as leader!

The key to getting things right is in the detail.

I am enjoying myself and its looking pretty good.

Lots of off-road car parks for all

Even the ambulance is there waiting.

James hard at work again

Nearing completion with deadline close

MenzShed members made this.

On display at one of the fund raising outings



More Penguin Nesting Boxes

A December 2015 question “do we make penguin nesting boxes” from the Kapiti Biodiversity Restoration group was enthusiastically received as we raced to find the drawings of our earlier version. It was only when the request for 40 was communicated that we realised what we had let ourselves into and so we said we would see if we could complete some of them before xmas

A team quickly set up a cutting some recycled fence palings and we were able to deliver part of the order pre-xmas as promised.


Part order ready and painted camouflage grey – thanks to Resene.

And then it was 2016 and at our second session the team were straight back into the task and the purpose-bought new timber was soon cut to the required sizes, assembled, painted and delivered .

New timber cut awaiting assembly

Joe didn’t did all the painting on his own but they left early.

Penguin nests final delivery loaded up, tied down tight and ready to go




Items for the Waikanae Tennis club

Sabine from the tennis club was very happy with the initial table we resurrected and then refurbished



The Waikanae Tennis club were looking for more seats and tables for their family events and asked for our help



The second item was an old seat we had, replacing the timber – Nigel was the official tester

And we refurbished their old tired table and painted it – the slim person is the tennis player!









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